15 March 2010

Shelton Walker | ringolevio


Glasgow Green, Drying Green
Daily from 10AM - 5PM (aprox)
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ringolevio explores the transition of space, and how technology has the power to both create and remove social and communication boundaries. Specifically, the history of clothes laundering in Glasgow is looked at, and relationships drawn between how we do laundry today versus laundry fifty, one hundred, or over a couple hundred years ago. Situated in Glasgow Green’s drying green, a once busy center for the domestic work of women and point of congregation and exchange for the community, which now lies unused, a symbolic monument to times past. ringolevio takes its form through a sound and sculpture intervention, creating a physical space within the drying green for reflection. The soundscape created refers to the contemporary hum of domestic processes, today conducted mostly in solitude. Technology can bring communities closer together, yet it can also create greater isolation between its members.

Artist Statement:

Shelton Walker’s practice explores the histories and boundaries between communities through site-specific projects, as well as studio based sculptures and paintings. Particular emphasis is placed on how communication structures are influenced, aided or hindered by socially-constructed differences. Shelton was born in Virginia; received a BFA from Pratt Institute, New York City; and is a MFA candidate at Glasgow School of Art.

Artist Contact:

Shelton.Walker-at-gmail.com [replace -at- with @]