09 March 2010

Gallacher & Warren | Future Proof: Ambition, Optimism


The Glasgow Science Centre / BBC courtyard - railings of the river Clyde
50 Pacific Quay, G51 1EA
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The words Ambition and Optimism are taken from the essay by urban theorists David Parker & Paul Long will be attached to the railings of the river Clyde. The letters of these text works will be constructed from recycled wooden boards and clad with aluminum foil. The shiny silver foil will, quite literally, reflect the building in the surrounding area.

“... The skyline of a city traces the visual signature of its identity. It offers an immediate reading of its ambition, modernity and novelty through which economic, social and aesthetic meanings are signified...both as its is and how it might be.” Extract from essay by urban theorists David Parker & Paul Long

Artist Statement:

Brought together by the curatorial team PLACE Projects, Gallacher & Warren is the creative collaboration of Glasgow based artists Kate Gallacher and Ric Warren. With a shared interest in architecture and town planning, we were asked to research and make artwork collaboratively for the 2009 New Work Scotland Programme (NWSP) at Collective Gallery, Edinburgh. For this project, entitled FUTUREPROOF, we began to explore current trends in the revitalisation of urban landscapes, heavily focusing our research on the redeveloped areas of Glasgow’s river Clyde. In addition to exploring the ‘language of regeneration’, we created drawings and small sculptures inspired by architectural models, clad with various reflective silver materials, such as aluminium foil, in order to reference a vernacular of contemporary architecture associated with ‘urban reform’. These we then exhibited using a method of display associated with architectural trade shows.

Artist Contact:

Ric Warren  [replace -at- with @]