29 April 2010

New images from the trail

Jamie Cooper's "Nae Place" (illuminated nightly from 8-10 PM):

26 April 2010

New images from the trail

A few more shots of works along the trail:

Sam Stead's "Boat":

t s Beall's "Govan Armada" in the Glasgow Science Centre reflecting pool:

Atypical Root featured in the Glasgow Herald | 'Strange twists of artistry'

Krintin Innes of the Glasgow Herald included Atypical Root in the paper's Arts & Entreatment section this past Friday (April 23, 2010) in an article covering Glasgow International highlights. Mentioned artists include Shelton Walker, Jamie Cooper, Mhari Sharp and the Govan Graving Beacon by t s Beall, Ben Dembroski & Benjamin Rush.
"There are a number of pieces making use of Glasgow's unusual, unseen or just ignored spaces in this year's GI programme, and using these spaces to say something about or to the city itself. Atypical Root is a specially curated strand of the festival, mainly comprising public art works placed by 25 Glasgow-based artists at certain points along a walking tour of the city. On Glasgow Green's Drying Green, where disused clothes poles still poke out of the ground, you'll find Shelton Walker's muted sound collage of the noises of contemporary domestic industry - washing machines, tumble dryers and ticking clocks - which have replaced the busy female community who used to use this space.

Following the route (or Root) along the Clyde, you'll eventually come to Jamie Cooper's brilliant Nae Place, a gaggle of crazily bent and re-soldered streetlights, hanging out like a bored gang on a Broomielaw wasteland, their light reflecting only their own bodies.
On the Govan Road (and at a few unmarked points in the East End), Mhari Sharp's fly-posted print series Every Other Saturday reflects on 1980s football casual fashions, while at Govan Graving Docks an automated beacon flashes Morse coded versions of text messages sent by locals in the direction of the Glasgow Tower (follow them in English at http://twitter.com/GovanBeacon)...."
Read the compleete article via http://bnet.co.uk

Atypical Torrent | Interventions on the Broomielaw

Yesterday we gathered for a performance talk and interventions by the one and only, Anthony Schrag, under the Kingston Bridge....