15 March 2010

Alessandro Gioiello | momentary monument for a forgotten story


Clydebrae Studios, Clydebrae Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G51 2AJ
Monday- Saturday 12pm-6pm (19/04-02/05/2010)
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This work is a temporary unmonumental monument to the folk memory of a forgotten fact belonging to the private history of a Glaswegian citizen. Since the history of each individual contributes to delineate the history and build of a community, I want to underline how important and necessary every action and acting-out of each person is. A painted reproduction of a tin tray made around 1825, probably as a retirement gift to an office bearer of the Friendly Association of Cotton Spinners, and the three-dimensional reproduction of a posy of cotton flowers (made of recycled materials and dust) will be shown as testimony of a meeting point, convergence of two distant times and realities.

Artist Statement:

My work is based on re-reading and re-interpretation of symbols and signs belonging to the history of art, collective unconscious, high and low culture and personal events, stories, as well. Each subject I analyze assumes the features of a simulacrum, an ideal starting point to reach unexpected connections between different fields, meanings and times.

Artist Contact:

aledeman-at-hotmail.com [replace -at- with @]


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