07 March 2010

Kate V Robertson | Meeting Space


BBC & Glasgow Science Centre Courtyard
Glasgow Science Centre, 50 Pacific Quay, Glasgow, Strathclyde G51 1EA
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A new public sculpture outside the BBC, that provides both a literal, physical, public space and a conceptual exchange between science, art and media.


A triptych of latex replica walls taken from the BBC, The Glasgow Science Centre and the Centre of Contemporary Art, Glasgow. Connected to form a triangular enclosure, Meeting Space provides a literal, physical, public space but also a conceptual space of exchange between the fields of science, art and media. The work seeks to create a new public space within an existing one, whilst suggesting a different use for the area. The fact that the walls are false and unstable undermines their original function and renders them symbolic. This space will either succeed and become a space for congregation, or fail to be used by its public – either way presenting a microcosm for the actual space it occupies.

Artist Statement:

I am concerned with ideas of the existential or futile, particularly in relation to ideology, communication and progress. My work addresses failure and disappointment in a variety of ways, often referring to cultural or political history. Sometimes the work performs failure by deliberately malfunctioning or miscommunicating, and other times it has a metaphorical or allegorical relationship to the subject matter. The tone of my work usually rests between humour, melancholy and pathos, and often requires a level of observation or interaction from the viewer.

Works are often temporary, ephemeral or temperamental, often demanding some level of engagement or observation from the viewer, and are always developed in response to their respective contexts – whether that be a gallery or public space. The inherent political and social situations of the gallery and the street become integral to the meaning of the work.

Artist Contact:

kate-at-katevrobertson.com [substitute -at- for @]


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