07 March 2010

JD Hollingshead | The Catalogue of
Narrative Alleles: Volume 3


Various locations along the Atypical Public Art Trail
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In this ongoing body of work, JD has generated a list of every possible version of the phrase "You're either with me or against me" by replacing each of the pronouns with each of the 6 functioning pronouns: I, We, You, He, She, They. This produces 216 possible phrases. For Atypical Root, JD will install each of the 216 phrases in the catalogue somewhere along the trail, from flyers on poles, to stenciling on walls or the ground. In addition, he will run the entire length of the trail every day, wearing a shirt with one of the phrases written on it. The intent is to repeatedly impress the nature of this phrase upon the psyche of an individual walking the path. Taken individually, each phrase may not register to the walker, but in succession the phrases gather strength in the unconscious mind, germinating and creating an aura of paranoia or mystique in the minds of those walking these pathways.
Artist Statement:

My practice is based on an interest in psychology; in cognition (the relationship between thought and action), memory (and its relationship to history), and symbolic psychology (and the ways in which we adapt to and invent our own constructs of archetype).

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