06 March 2010



David Dale Gallery
71 - 73 Brook Street, Bridgeton, G40 2QD
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My purpose is to make a site specific work that deals with and reflects the architecture of the space that primarily was made for the production of tiles. The work will be based in the main principles of my practice and will illustrate the distinct spatial relationships of the David Dale Gallery. The installation will mainly derive from my experience of working in the gallery space. The sculpture will depict my beliefs about sculpture and space and would be related to the dynamics and the history of the space.

Artist statement:

The main focus of my work is the meaning of space and the spatial relationships that are developed and operate in various spatial systems. Through my work I want space to be lived as a sculptural piece. My approach uses the relationships between basic architectural elements like building facets, pillars, doors, windows, floors and walls. This is attempted in order to explore the space as an object, and the idea of space in its most abstracted and fundamental form. I try to get near to the boundaries between architecture-sculpture and between two and three dimensions. My main purpose is to reveal pre-existing forms that are defined by those relationships and to state questions about interior and exterior space and private and public space as well. My work tends to be a frustration of architecture that explores space as a nexus of rules. In a nutshell I could say that through the research of these rules I want to make references to the rules that define broad social systems / spaces.

Artist Contact:
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