07 March 2010

Andrew Sunley Smith | Generators: Nontypicals (Fundamental Encounters)


Various locations along the Atypical Public Art Trail
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An instructional artwork where names of 'significant cultural producers' are painted by volunteer contributors onto found objects, which are then distributed along the Atypical Root.


An instructional artwork -– On found objects, a series of names are to be painted and inscribed by volunteer contributors. The names will be of significant cultural producers; generators and individuals of great creative and/or inspirational influence. Where possible the names should be 'researchable' - providing further access for peoples curiosity. Each object is intended to operate as a secret art work that when placed along the trail and left to its own devices will create encounters between the audience and the cultural producers and thus, the cultural influence spreads.

Artist Contact:

sunleysmith-at-hotmail.com [replace -at- with @]