29 March 2010

Lauren McGhee


Various locations along the Atypical Public Art Trail
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The new work is a large-scale collage, composed of five interlinking images of the sky. Each individual image is intersected by an electricity, telephone, or tram wire, linking the five images. This piece explores ideas of universal connections in everyday mundane existence; how the increasingly generic nature of urban spaces can affect the experience of our surroundings; perhaps creating a unified landscape through which all experience is mediated.

Artist Statement:

My practice usually revolves around an exploration of the experience of mundane aspects of the everyday, which, through sheer repetition, can become abstract yet instantly familiar aspects of our lives. Working primarily within painting and collage, I am interested in the contradictions within everyday experience; how something can be boring, and yet surreal; dull, yet comical; technological, yet redundant.

Artist Contact:

laurenmcintyremcghee-at-hotmail.com- [replace -at- with @]


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