24 March 2010

Jamie Cooper | Nae Place


The Ferry, Anderston Quay Broomielaw, Glasgow, G3 8BX
The work is situated on the Broomielaw opposite The Ferry on an area of overgrown grassland.
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Located at 236 Broomielaw, opposite The Renfrew Ferry. The installation consists of several heavily distorted street lamps which form a fictional street.
The NaePlace lights will be illuminated between 8pm and 10pm each night over the course of G.I. festival. The work will be shown later on this year in a solo exhibition for the Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine entitled "Wish you were here" contact harbourarts(at)north-ayrshire.gov.uk for more information.


This new work consists of six contorted and distorted streetlamps, inserted into wasteground to create the ghostly presence of a fictional street. The sculptures (actual steetlamps which the artist deconstructed then reassembled, and connected back to the National Grid) beam down light incessantly, illuminating little save their own broken forms.

Artist Statement:

My studio practice involves a constant re-examination and interference with the meaning we attribute to the many different objects and environments we encounter. I am interested in the human condition, I try to understand what brought us to be who we are, where we are, you know? What makes us and our understanding of ourselves and our reality? I constantly research areas such as the media, consumer culture, capitalism, history and politics, but other stuff too like social history, communities, family, sex, death, to find out what shapes how we treat each other as human beings. What shapes our boundaries. These components that come to shape our mental boundaries, how we perceive the world, end up shaping physical boundaries, such as countries and nationality. This whole notion of our mental understandings effecting the physical world is the basis for much of my work.

Artist Contact:

atypicalcooper-at-gmail.com [replace -at- with @]