29 March 2010

Adam Townend


Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre [SECC] Covered Walkway, Glasgow, G3 8YW
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A sound installation in the walkway leading to the SECC which plays a recording taken from a
radio telescope of a dying star.


A sound installation in the covered walkway leading from the Exhibition Centre Railway Station to the SECC, the Science Centre and ultimately leading through the ‘Digital Media Quarter’ and on to Govan and the South. A response to the council’s action plan for the area, which states that the Pacific Quay area lacks ‘a sense of arrival’ that they have tried to address over the past 4 years. The sound installation will contribute to a ‘sense of arrival’ at the SECC and link the site to the Science Centre through the content of the work. The sound is a recording taken from a radio telescope of a dying star that imploded in the year 1054 AD and could be seen across the medieval world. It is only now that the sound has reached us.

Artist Contact:

adamrtownend-at-googlemail.com [replace -at- with @]


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